Working with Challenging Callers and Customers Confidently and Compassionately

Our modular suite of soft skills solutions has been designed to empower frontline staff, develop their resilience and promote long term wellbeing. Whether your staff work with patients through a call centre or face to face -  we can help.

Developing Effective First Line Managers

Research indicates that first line managers are key to maintaining a positive workplace culture. We help them to support their staff well, hold challenging conversations with confidence, promote professionalism and manage team performance constructively.

Accredited Solutions for an Emotionally Intelligent Workforce

Did you know E.I> accounts for approximately 30% of staff occupational performance? This increases to an estimated 67% for those in leadership roles. (Source: Bar On, 2007)

Our licensed tools include:

  • Belbin Team Roles
  • TEIQue Emotional Intelligence Psychometric
  • GEI Partners Team Emotional Intelligence Tool
  • Albrecht's Social intelligence Profiling


Our Story

Our mission and purpose is to help frontline staff better manage their Adverse Workplace Experiences.

Though her Learning and Development role in the health service;  our co-founder Susie noticed certain, recurrent themes among many frontline staff - high levels of stress, fatigue, depleted resilience, higher than average sickness rates, and at times a poor professional quality of life - often leading to an "emotional hangover" when they clocked off for the day.

She noticed that frontline staff were often dealing with the same, challenging patients and stressful events that other agencies such as the police and mental health services do - but without any guidance other than traditional "conflict management" courses.

The solution was that former Lecturer Susie formed AWE Workshops together with NHS counsellor Jane; who had noticed many of the same issues affecting her clients. Together; they've developed a holistic suite of training workshops through working with services such as 111, local Emergency Departments and the prison service.

Here at AWE we really care about helping people to have a better day at work - because on average we spend around 30 years of our lives at work - and that's too long to be unhappy.

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